Pro Stain Mixing Kit

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Pro Stain Concrete Stain Mixing Kit

Chemical, or Reactive Stains, can be applied to new or old, plain or colored and stamped concrete surfaces. Chemical Stains penetrates and permanently stains new or existing concrete and wears only as the concrete wears. Use a reactive stain for creative faux finishes, permanent and variegated colors, no chipping or peeling and lasting results.

For proper mixing of Proline's Pro Stain Pigment color. 2 Ea. 32 Oz. Bottles (Part 1 & Part 2). Pigment sold separately.

Curing & Drying Times:
Dry times will vary with temperature and humidity. Do not get wet for 24 hours. Can be walked on when dry to the touch (not tacky), normally 3 to 6 hours after application. Can be driven on after 48 hours (weather permitting). We recommends parking on cardboard for 24 days. Can be pressure washed after 1 week of warm weather, 60 degrees and above. 

A complete kit requires two 32 FL OZ bottles which form the Base product, and one 2 LB jar of Pro-Stain Pigment.  Pigment color is selected and purchased separately from Base.  

Two coats at 300-400 square feet each.  

Recommended Accessories:   
Pro Stain Color Pigments

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.