Proline Gem-Tex Decorative Concrete Hardener

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Proline Gem-Tex Decorative Concrete Hardener
Proline™ Gem-Tex™ is an exciting new product that when used with Reveal™ leaves a sparkling natural stone finish. The slip resistant characteristics of the finish makes it perfect for pool decks and patios, and the unique look gives the contractor options for many creative uses.

A decorative concrete hardener that leaves a solid color surface enhanced with natural flakes of accent colors exposed through the use of DURA REVEAL™ deactivator. GEM-TEX™ is formulated with color coordinated additives that shine like crystals resulting in a natural, quartz-like finish that sparkles like a gem. The lightly exposed surface is slip-resistant, ideal for around pools and/or patios. It is made with the finest quality pigments and premium cements. Durable silica sand is used in a tight fitting formula producing a high quality, abrasion resistant surface

Choosing Colors

  • Winter Pallete has Silver Flakes
  • Autumn Pallete has Gold Flakes

High-end, custom look at an economical price. Slip resistant surface. Simple process with artistic finish. Natural stone-like surface. Stable, U.V. resistant, streak-free, iron oxide pigments.

One 60 pound bucket of Proline GEM-TEX™ covers approximately 100 square feet, but lighter colors may require a rate of 100 pounds per 100 square feet.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.

adobe-pdf-file-icon-32x32.png GEM-TEX™ Decorative Concrete Hardener Color Chart