Arizona Flagstone Contigo Package

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Arizona Flagstone 
Arizona Flagstone is quarried throughout the state of Arizona however, Ash Fork, Arizona is proclaimed as the "The Flagstone Capital of the World" due to the amount of Arizona Flagstone that is quarried there every year. Consisting of rounded grains of quartz which are cemented by silica, Arizona Flagstone provides a tan to orange hue and a variety of stone sizes. Due to them typically being flat stones, they have become a popular choice for driveways, walkways, and patios. 

Now you can get the same look of this historic stone in the form of concrete.

Arizona Flagstone Contigo Package Includes:
(2) Arizona Flagstone Stamp A - 52"x 36" (RS300A) 
(2) Arizona Flagstone Stamp B - 52"x 36" (RS300B) 
(2) Arizona Flagstone Stamp C - 52"x 36" (RS300C) 
(1) Arizona Flagstone Stamp Flex A - 50" x 36" (RS300FA) 
(2) 20" X 20" Sandstone Light Texture Touch-up Skin (2SL)
(1) 3/8" Sand Texture Touch-Up Wheel (W38T) 
(1) S-Tool Thin Joint Chisel (ST)

 Stamps are only one part of decorative concrete. Check out our stain and colorants to get the full custom finish you're looking for!

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.